PVR - Personal Video Recording

PVR is generally the name for hardware and software that allows you to record TV programs. In practice PVR software does a lot more. It allows you to get the weather-forecast, play DVDs, play music, look at photos, etc. There are consumer-devices, like Philips' TiVo, and PC-based solutions with names like MCE (Windows XP Media Center Edition), GB-PVR, Meedio, OpenHTPC, SageTV, Snapstream's BeyondTV, WinVodio, MythTV, Freevo and others.

These webpages are dedicated to tools and solutions to get the most from my favourite software GB-PVR. One page is about optimising it's use in the Netherlands. If you are in another country you may find clues that apply to your situation too.

I get all my TV connection stuff from PELEC. They got me a high quality setup to broadcast my PVR output on all TVs in the house. Already for under 100 Euros you can get a decent setup, which is better than solutions you find in certain shops. No need to get cheap supermarket solutions, get the real deal from PELEC. Link to international site and link to Dutch PELEC site
Joost Smits, jsmits@prize.nl

Updated: 12 August 2007

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